DateClassAssignmentDue date, 6am
Wed 2.02 Course introduction and logistics (AZ) p1
Overview (AZ) p1, p2, p3
Homework 1
Fri 4.02 OFET (AZ) zip, p1
Homework 1 presentations
Wed 9.02 Synthesis (reading) Homework 1
Fri 11.02 Characterization Part 1 (KS) see Canvas
Wed 16.02 ***Characterization Part 2 (AZ,IG) zip
Fri 18.02 Modeling (AZ) p1, p2
Lab 1 practice (AZ) sample Lab
Lab 1
Wed 23.02 No class (holiday)
Fri 25.02 Lab 2 practice (IG) zip Lab 2
Wed 2.03 Solar cells (IG) #1 Homework 2
Fri 4.03 Energy storage applications (RK,KS) #2
Lab 1 analysis (AZ)
Lab 1
Wed 9.03 Lab 3 practice (IG) zip Lab 3
Fri 11.03 #3 Other applications
Lab 2 analysis (IG)
Lab 2
Wed 16.03 Exam (send article in advance by email) Homework 2
Fri 18.03 Advisory on final projects (via Zoom)
Lab 3 analysis (IG)
Feedback Lab 3
Wed 23.03 Presentation of projects (30 min/student) Grades appeal
Fri 25.03 Advisory on final reports (via Zoom)
Mon 28.03 No class (final project reports are due) Final project

*** means flipped classroom, i.e. you must watch recordered lecture or read textbook before the class

Blocks: Methods, Applications, Assessment period (final project)

Full names of all lecturers are given in Syllabus

#1 Additionally, you can see the relevant lecture on Photovoltaics from 2015 and read the review article from 2015

#2 Read these reviews: Lu2018 and Kapaev2020

#3 Read review article about one possible application. You will be asked to write essay about this as part of HW2. See for example this lecture: Stephan Kirchmeyer, Conductive Polymers for Industrial Applications