NIST Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Wolfram Alpha

List of numerical-analysis software (Wikipedia)

Community Portal for Automatic Differentiation

Multipurpose programs

Mathematica - universal mathematical environment (can do anything)

Matlab - numerical mathematical environment

Octave - high-level interpreted language for numerical computations

Cuba - a library for multidimensional numerical integration

Symbolic computations

FORM - large-scale symbolic manipulation

Maxima - computer algebra system

Reduce - computer algebra system

Magma - computer algebra system

Data science

Comparison of statistical packages (Wikipedia)

R programming language

IDL - Interactive Data Language

Origin - standalone tool for plotting functions and visualizing data

Wolfram DataDrop

Partial differential equations

Comsol Multiphysics


Integrated development environment

Comparison of IDEs (Wikipedia)

Visual Studio, see also VS Code


Online tools

Data Thief