Be aware of Russian invasion of Ukraine (ongoing Ukrainian genocide by Russians) and horrible war crimes by Russia, and make no mistake that there will be no peace until every criminal since 2014 is punished [Myrotvorets, Putin's list,,,,, Stryebkov's project, Parubiy's message,...]

Important: Russians declare extermination of Ukrainians, so there will be no peace until demilitirization of Russia and full compensation of our losses by Russia

It is now evident that the most cruel invaders of Ukraine in its entire history were russians (rossiyane known also as moskovites and soviets running a "holy war" for centuries to eliminate Ukrainians [Poroshenko], which itself is the largest genocide in the world history) and maybe mongols in 13th century (but mongols were warriors whereas russians are bandits). Russian army is rusty but nasty so they kill civilians and kidnap survivors, destroy cities and ransack houses, and do more horrible things [Mariupol, HRW, Grant, Poroshenko, Kramatorsk, Bilogorivka]

Commonly reported facts about Russians** in this war (we knew this before, implying no positive evolution):

* It should be added that majority of critically thinking Russians are against the war including scientists, uncorrupted politics and businessmen, prominent artists (Makarevich, Pugacheva), other "good russians", but any dissidence in Russia is brutally suppressed.

** Strictly speaking "rossiyane" (denationalized citizens of the prison of nations called Russian Federation), but it is now a responsibilitiy of Russians to clean up their name; they have been refusing to do it so far fully inheriting "soviets" name, but now there seems to be a solution.

Analysis from Kasparov, Illarionov, Piontkovsky, Butusov, also Ohryzko, Scherba

How to stop the terror (=deputinize/demilitarize RF and also free Belarus): message from Poroshenko (Щоб добитися миру, маємо путіну влаштувати пекло), message from Kasparov

Problem #1: Corruption inside Ukraine escalated since 2019 and continuing now (Russian army and Ukrainian corruption equally complement each other in a destruction of Ukraine, in particular repressions in Ukraine-2022 were quickly approaching the repression model of Putin's regime, MUST be solved by enforcing a permanent comprehensive control of Ukrainian government by EU and US supervisory boards, because every cent invested into Ukraine without a control will be stolen by corruptionists) [epravda, Barchuk, Kniazhytsky, Butusov, Dovgopoliy, Tregubov, Bereza, Savchuk, Lemberg, AntAC, Chonhar breach, where is Benia (top embezzler)?,... case#345, case#346, case#347]

Problem #2: Antiukrainian propaganda in Russia, Ukraine, and beyond, escallating since 2000s (strong enough to make many people mentally sick [Meduza, Obozrevatel, Russians in EU], including #какаяразница political force ruling Ukraine since 2019)

Problem #3: Export of corruption from Russia with enormous funding (large fraction of RF budget, capable to corrupt a US senator or a Chancellor of Germany not mentioning leaders of smaller countries) [Eydman, NashiGroshi]

Problem #4: This war is still fueled by countries standing against the war (unintentional financial support of the offender by EU substantially exceeds support of the victim, in this way e.g. EU generously funds Russian production of ammunition for the "scorched earth" destruction of Ukraine, can be solved by stop of the fueling) [Yatsenyuk, Zerkal, Illarionov, Kuleba, Gazprom]

Problem #5: The sky of Ukraine is open for Russian missiles and bombers (can be solved either by closing the sky or by extermination of missiles and bombers, but both options require an appropriate support by our partners which is yet to be provided)

Problem #9: Putin is always one step ahead of his opponents (in other words, how vulnerable is our democratic world if such a miserable jerk can terrorize it for years)

Problem #10: Failure of old international organizations (OSCE, UN, WHO, Red Cross, church) to fulfil their core functions [Klimkin, Nevzin, Truss, Barchuk and Lemberg and "Angel of peace" medal]

Progress by Apr 29: Rammstein summit of Ukraine-supporting countries (showing that the balance of forces now is 10:1 compared to 1:10 on Feb 24 when Ukraine was alone standing against Russia) and Lend-Lease for Ukraine vs. No-Resources in Russia

Major threats by May 15: Russia fails with the military operation and thus returns to its most capable methods: terrorism, subversion, falsification, corruption and "tolerance stretching", utilizing numerous vulnerabilities of political systems of Ukraine and EU [Shulipa]

Demilitarization progress by May 13: about 20%