The essence of this war in one picture:

This war in one picture

The other side of this war in one cartoon.

Be aware of Russian invasion of Ukraine (ongoing Ukrainian genocide by Russians) and horrible war crimes by Russia, and make no mistake that every criminal since 2014 will be punished (and 50k of them have already been punished) [we remember, Myrotvorets,, Putin's list,,,,, Stryebkov's project, Parubiy's message, Zelenskyy's message, collaborates included, propagandists included,... there will be no place to hide]. Be immune to Russian propaganda (just assume by default that their every statement is lie).

IMPORTANT: It is not a usual war, Russians declare extermination of Ukrainians, so there will be no peace until demilitarization of Russia, return of all kidnapped Ukrainians, comprehensive reparations, and punishment of all war criminals.

Moreover, it's time to recall other occupied territories (Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Finland, Konigsberg, Kuril Islands, historical China territories) and free multitude of nations imprisoned in RF (e.g. in Siberia and North Caucasus; for example Chechnya, Kuban, Tatarstan; see dark green in this map to see native RF territory) - Russians exploit those nations as slaves: they use those people as "cannon fodder" in wars and they "suck out" all natural resources from those lands without any payback but with huge ecological harm [CSCE, Ben Hodges, ISW map, Bereza, Lugandon is the best-documented textbook case].

It is now evident that the most cruel invaders of Ukraine in its entire history were russians (rossiyane known also as moskovites and soviets running a "holy war" for centuries to eliminate Ukrainians [Poroshenko], which itself is the largest genocide in the world history) and maybe mongols in 13th century (but mongols were warriors whereas russians are bandits). Russian army is rusty but nasty so they kill civilians and kidnap survivors, destroy cities and ransack houses, and do more horrible things [Mariupol, Mariupol, Enerhodar, Vinnytsia, Kremenchuk, Kramatorsk, Bilogorivka, Kharkiv, Kherson, Kherson, Kherson region, Mykolaiv, Berdyansk, Kyiv's damages in 3D, Olenivka massacre,, Grant, Poroshenko, Carpenter, permanent everyday shelling of cities and borderline territories, use of forbidden weapon].

Analysis from Kasparov, Illarionov, Piontkovsky, Butusov, Felshtinsky, also Belkovsky, Grant, Kokh, Ohryzko, Savchuk, Scherba, Shuklinov, Soros, and reposts and SoundCheck from Chekalkin, and map by

How to stop the terror: deputinize/demilitarize Russia [message from Poroshenko (Щоб добитися миру, маємо путіну влаштувати пекло), message from Kasparov, message from Reznikov, message from Roman Ratushnyi, message from Wałęsa]. How to prevent Russian terrorism: just remove its feed - slaves and easy money - liberate enslaved nations and internationalize colonized natural resources (like oceans and Antarctica, rememeber that all former EU colonies were "internationalized" except for Russia which is the only remaining colonial country in the world, and I don't see any justification for this exemption).

How to support financially: A direct targeted support is the best option, whereas blind support of state-controlled organizations is the worst option because you might be fueling our mega-corruption (see details below); I guess the best way to support the state budget is to pay legal fees in time and in full, considering any extra fees as a tax on Ukrainian Army (Допомога ЗСУ). For more serious support consider credible private and public organizations. The most credible one known to me is Poroshenko Foundation whose public part is Solidarna Sprava Hromad (ГО Справа Громад). Other organizations with clean reputations (per my knowlegde) include Демократична Сокира, Рух Опору Капітуляції, Фонд Юрія Бутусова, Fundacja TeofiPolskie Serce, волонтер Анна Домбровська, фонд Сергія Притули.

Info for pessimists: Always compare current situation with what was before and also with realistic best and worst case scenarios. Then you will clearly see that we are lucky and Ukraine history is spiraling up steadily in the last 40 years starting from destruction of Soviet prison of nations in 1980s and till now when destruction of Russian prison of nations becomes possible. Just revisit challenges in terms of opportunities. Looking back to 2013 when Ukraine unoffically was just a part of G8-level Russian empire, I could not even imagine that Ukraine would gradually get a complete separation from that empire in 9 years, whereas Russia would transform into a fading outcast. On a larger time scale, it has been exactly 800 years since Kyivan Rus transforming later into Ukraine is permanently occupied by Mongol Empire transforming later into Russian Empire, starting from our historical defeat at Battle of the Kalka River on May 31, 1223, located on the current front line. So it is an opportunity to get the long-awaited freedom and defeat or even destroy that evil empire.

Many thanks for everybody helping Ukraine: Ukrainian Army + volunteers + core supporters including health and emergency and funding, president Poroshenko and other pro-Ukrainian forces, president Zelenskyy and other originally not-pro-Ukrainian forces standing now for Ukraine, international partners including Poland and Baltic countries, UK and US and Canada, EU countries, Japan, Türkiye, many other countries as well as all people standing against Rashism.


Problem #1 (MEGAPROBLEM): Corruption inside Ukraine escalating since 2019 under Kolomoyskyi-Zelenskyy-Yermak presidence (Russian army and Ukrainian corruption EQUALLY complement each other in a destruction of Ukraine, so that during the war when our army is fighting with invaders for our freedom, Ukrainian government is fighting with our opposition against our freedom; repressions in modern Ukraine are quickly approaching the repression model of Putin's regime; also traitors, dilettanti, and criminals are numerous at all levels of the country government system, whereas personnel changes are usually "bad to worse"; just think how cynical are Ukrainian corruptionists - at the moment when Putin fires missiles onto sky-open Vinnytsia, Kolomoyskyi protected by Zelenskyy steals 4B Hryvnas which could close the sky over Vinnytsia - and this is only one case out of many; MUST be solved by enforcing a permanent comprehensive control of Ukrainian government by EU and US supervisory boards [Gontareva], because every cent invested into Ukraine without a control will be stolen by corruptionists). References:

Problem #2 (MEGAPARADOX): The offender in this war is still fueled by countries standing against the war (for a long time unintentional financial support of the offender by EU substantially exceeded support of the victim, in this way e.g. EU generously funded Russian production of ammunition for the "scorched earth" destruction of Ukraine, in numbers EU paid RF 0.5B/day for oil/gas which was half of military expenditures of EU and equal to GDP of Ukraine, can be solved by stop of the fueling and it looks like RF is taking the initiative in this direction) [Yatsenyuk, Zerkal, Illarionov, Kuleba, Gazprom]. It should be emphasized that Russian gas supply is noncritical for EU - it is used only for superprofit and overconsumption. A good example is Germany: annual non-luxury household use is about 10 Bm3 (here we assume that Germany has two times larger population than Ukraine but two times smaller demand due to mild winter and better energy efficiency) which is a tiny fraction of both total gas consumption (100 Bm3) and Russian gas (50 Bm3).

Problem #3 (MEGADANGER): (a) The sky of Ukraine is open to Russian missiles used for everyday terror of civilians (can be solved either by closing the sky, or by extermination of missiles and bombers, or by equivalent counter-attacks, all options require a susbstantial support by our partners far beyond the current level [Zaluzhnyi-Zabrodskyi]). (b) Frontline cities such as Kharkiv and Mykolaiv are open to Russian artillery used for demolition of these cities and killing all its residents (can be solved only by extermination of Russian artillery, which requires a constant supply of counter-artillery).

Problem #4: Russia still has substantial military superiority in weapon and resources despite invaluable multifaceted support by our partners. The most critical is artillery and counter-artillery because the overwhelming majority of our human losses comes from shelling. Strategically, since Budapest memorandum was violated by Russia, Ukraine's lost nuclear weapon now can be replenished back to deter Russia until it is demilitarized [Sikorski].

Problem #5: Antiukrainian propaganda in Russia, Ukraine, and beyond, escallating since 2000s (strong enough to make many people mentally sick [Meduza, Obozrevatel, Russians in EU], including #какаяразница political force ruling Ukraine since 2019) [Mingarelli]

Problem #6: Export of corruption from Russia with enormous funding (large fraction of RF budget, capable to corrupt a US senator or a Chancellor of Germany not mentioning leaders of small countries like Serbia or Hungary) [Eydman, NashiGroshi].

Problem #8: Putin is always one step ahead of his opponents. In other words, how vulnerable is our democratic world if such a miserable jerk can terrorize it for years [Fursa, Nevzlin]. As pointed out by Russians themselves (see e.g. Potapenko), Western politicians often fully misunderstand Russia considering it as a regular state, but in fact, internally it is a lawless empire whose leader is a dictator and citizens are graded slaves, whereas externally it is a terrorist organization with unprecedentedly high internal resources to support the terror. That is how bad guys, dirty money, and all kinds of fakes are exported from Russia to Europe as clean and lawful stuff. Illustrative examples:

Problem #10: Complete failure of old international organizations (OSCE, UN, WHO, Red Cross, Amnesty International, church) to fulfil their core functions [Klimkin, Nevzin, Truss, Barchuk and Lemberg and "Angel of peace" medal].


It is clear that majority of Russians should be restricted from entering civilized countries because roughly speaking every second Russian is a bad guy or barbarian, and you don't know how to filter them out at the border. In the worst case scenario they are KGB-agents and terrorists, whereas in the "light case" scenario they constitute the "Fifth column" propagating violence in various forms from verbal and hooliganism to criminal cases including beating, organized banditism, and theft. Also, we should always REMEMBER that Russia can attack any country with non-negligible fraction of Russian-thinking population (e.g. Germany) to "save russkiy mir".

All Russian export must be taxed to fund restoration of Ukraine. Now there is a nice idea of Michael McFaul to tax also Russian travelers.


Progress by Sep 10: Many problems and uncertainties of the first several months of the war have now been resolved (e.g. "we are deeply concerned" impotence is cured), so that now we are in some steady state with more-or-less clear perspective (need Tomahawks, train and equip 20 brigades, steady weapon supply) [Reznikov, Zaluzhnyi-Zabrodskyi, Piontkovsky, Illarionov, Zhdanov, Butusov, Kasparov]. The urgent need of Tomahawks or any other weapon capable to attack Russian territory till Ural (i.e. including entire native Russian territory, colonies must be decolonized) AND demilitarization of 100 km zone around cities was recently reminded by attack on our critical civil infrastructure [Brink, Klimkin]. To summarize, Zed is dead but we still need to find a couple of pipe-hittin' nigga's with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. In contrast, there is no progress or even stabilization of the front-line in our war with corruption.

Major threats by Sep 2: It has been clear now that Russia use Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant not only to terrorize EU with the eco-catastrophe threat, but also as a "human shield" to keep the front-line military base there.

Progress by Aug 24: Steady weapon supply by our partners has now been established allowing for more efficient and systematic extermination of russian invaders. See also message from Reznikov.

Progress by Jul 10: Finally we got the long-awaited weapon: with 100km-range high-precision artillery ("HIMARS-light") we are now able to eliminate Russian ammunition dumps which they need to wipe out our cities by continuous shelling. Also, we urgently need middle and long range artillery to eliminate Russian rocket launchers used by them to destroy shopping malls, schools, and other highly populated areas far from the front line. [Shuklinov]

Progress by Jul 9: Russia is ignored on G20, in other words Russia was expelled from G7 after invasion-2014 and from G20 after invasion-2022.

Analysis by Illarionov on Jul 3: see here, the main conclusion is that in order to survive we need a financial/weapon support from our partners matching at least 30% of their unintential financial support of Russia, and it is realistic because the required funding constitutes a small fraction of NATO military spendings, so the only needed is 1) political will of our partners to support us and 2) political will of our government to not misuse that support (and our own budget).

Progress by Jun 29: NATO changed RF status from partner to evil #1 and several other things marking new level of support by our partners [Piontkovsky: video and text]

Major threats by Jun 29: Starting from June 25 Russians began to demonstrate a naked terrorism by everyday firing of cruise missiles onto civil objects with large concentration of civilians (shopping malls, residential areas) located far from the front-line. This is just an another reminder for the rest of the world that there will be no peace until Russian army is fully exterminated and Russia is fully demilitarized with a strict international control of its army in the next 10 years at least.

Progress by May 24: message from Shuklinov

Progress by Apr 29: Rammstein summit of Ukraine-supporting countries (showing that the balance of forces now is 10:1 compared to 1:10 on Feb 24 when Ukraine was alone standing against Russia) and Lend-Lease for Ukraine vs. No-Resources in Russia

Major threats by May 25: Outrageous nonprofessionalism of our government is moving to the front line: Some military units are thrown to the front line unprepared (no weapon, no communication, no supplies) resulting in meaningless casualties [Butusov, case#1, case#2]

Major threats by May 15: Russia fails with the military operation and thus returns to its most capable methods: terrorism, coercion, subversion, falsification, corruption and "tolerance stretching", utilizing numerous vulnerabilities of political systems of Ukraine and EU [Shulipa]

Commonly reported facts about Russians

Commonly reported facts about Russians** in this war (we knew this before, implying no positive evolution, see also analysis by Yakubova):

** Strictly speaking "rossiyane" (denationalized citizens of the prison of nations called Russian Federation), but it is now a responsibility of Russians to clean up their name. It should be emphasized that majority of critically thinking Russians are against the war including scientists, uncorrupted politics and businessmen, prominent artists (Pugacheva, Makarevich, Akhedzhakova, Galkin, Shevchuk, Nazarov, Serebryakov), majority of intelligent Russian emigrants, Free Russia Forum, Freedom of Russia Legion, Foundation Stop Inform Terror, partisans, other "good russians", see multiple interviews of Radio Svoboda with Moscow citizens, but any dissidence inside Russia is brutally suppressed (see e.g. Boris Nemtsov, Alexei Navalny, Yevgeny Roizman, Ilya Yashin, Anna Politkovskaya). At the same time, majority of Ukrainians (and other nations too) do not think critically, so they are as vulnerable to propaganda as Russians. In other words, three rules should be kept in mind. The first is the 80/20 rule. The second rule is that up to 80% majority vote can be achieved purely by propaganda as was simply formulated by Boris Berezovsky, proved for Russians by Putin, and succesfully applied to Ukrainians by Kolomoyskyi. The third rule is that any person who came to power exclusively to get power will abuse that power to eventually become a dictator. The best example is our 2019 elections when the pro-Ukrainian forces standing under the slogan "Army, Language, Faith" were defeated by oligarchs-backed populists-po*uists standing under vulgar slogans like "Зробимо їх разом", "Какая разница", "Надо просто перестать стрелять": the majority reached 75/25, the candidate was an antiukrainian vulgar-style humorist, and the abuse of power started right after the election, so that here we "greatly surpassed" Russians-2000 by all three factors.