This page assumes using PuTTY (see online help) as SSH client. For GUI access to a remote file system use WinSCP. See also SSH package for Maple.

Generating ppk-file

  1. Determine name@host for the remote machine (use ipconfig for Windows and ifconfig for Linux)
  2. Using puttygen utility generate a pair of private and public keys, saving the private key (ppk-file) locally and appending the public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the remote machine in the following format:
  3. Note that PuTTY does not recognize PATH environment variable when looking for a private key, but you can use %HOMEPATH% and similar constructions in Windows batch files
  4. Some programs require OpenSSH format of private key, which can also be created by puttygen utility

Examples of Windows batch files using PuTTY

Unresolved questions

  1. How to launch (not run) bash scripts via SSH?
  2. How to make jobname fully visible in qstat?