General references

Recommended textbooks

A Koehler, H Bassler, Electronic Processes in Organic Semiconductors: An Introduction (Wiley, 2015) – library, ebook

Other textbooks

S R Forrest, Organic Electronics: Foundations to Applications (OUP, 2020)

M Pope, C E Swenberg, Electronic processes in organic crystals and polymers (OUP, 1999)


Conjugated Polymers: Properties, Processing, and Applications, ed J R Reynolds, B C Thompson, T A Skotheim (CRC, 2019) – google

Handbook of Organic Materials for Electronic and Photonic Devices, ed O Ostroverkhova (Elsevier, 2018) – google

The WSPC Reference on Organic Electronics, ed J L Bredas, S R Marder (WSPC, 2016)

Organic Electronics II: More Materials and Applications, ed H Klauk (Wiley, 2012) – library

Handbook of Flexible Organic Electronics: Materials, Manufacturing and Applications, ed S Logothetidis (Elsevier, 2014) – library, google

Other references and resources


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Topical references

Solar cells

P Wuerfel, U Wuerfel, Physics of solar cells: from basic principles to advanced concepts (Wiley, 2016), 3ed

Organic photovoltaics: Materials, device physics, and manufacturing technologies, ed C J Brabec, U Scherf, V Dyakonov (Wiley, 2014) – library, google


Organic Semiconductors by Computationally Accelerated Refinement (OSCAR/OCELOT) (U Kentucky)

Computational Database for Active Layer Materials for Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells (NREL)

Organic Materials Database (Nordita)

Virtual Excited State Reference for the Discovery of Electronic Materials Database (Northeastern U)

See also NIST Chemistry WebBook and ChemSpider