Course title: Introduction to Maple

Class hours and location: Jan 26-30, 9.00-12.00, Beijing-2

Course websites:,

Instructor: Andriy Zhugayevych

Office: MSM C1.3 (near Beijing)

Office hours: by appointment

Phone: 3343


Description: 1-week crash course on Maple program: from basics to advanced use, from calculator to multi-user large-scale projects. Five 1.5 hour lectures. Five 1.5 hour recitations including practice, Q&A, case studies, individual work. Optionally homeworks and projects.

Expected outcome: Basic and advanced skills on using Maple, computing and programming skills.

Assessment: Class attendance and activity, optionally homeworks and projects.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction. Installing, configuring, and running Maple. Basic skills.
  2. Doing mathematics in Maple: algebra, calculus, matrix analysis, combinatorics, statistics etc. Symbolic vs. numeric. Tips and tricks.
  3. Programming in Maple: variables, statements, flow control, procedures, modules, input/output, debugging etc. Common mistakes.
  4. Advanced use: preinstalled and external packages, writing and installing your own packages, external calls, import/export etc.
  5. Post-overview. Information resources. Result-oriented programming, evolutionary programming. Managing projects. Personal examples. IPython.