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Atomic structure



Crystallography Open Database

Inorganic crystal structure database: eu (demo), de (LANL)

Crystallographic and Crystallochemical Database for Mineral and their Structural Analogues

American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database

M J Mehl, Library of Crystallographic Prototypes (Aflow)

WebCSD (Cambridge Structural Database online)

Chemical Database Service (UK National Services) – requires registration

K Kuchitsu, Structure of Free Polyatomic Molecules: Basic Data (Springer, 1998)


Crystal Structures of Inorganic Compounds (Pearson's Crystal Data), ed P Villars, K Cenzual (Springer, 2012)

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Making Crystals by Design, ed D Braga, F Grepioni (Wiley, 2007)

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Dutch S, Crustal materials class notes (Wisconsin U, 2011)

Crystal structure library (Purdue U) – just a gallery

ChemTube3D (U Liverpool)

P Krishna, D Pandey, Close-packed structures


ToposPro - geometrical and topological analysis of crystal structures (V Blatov, Samara SU)

RCSR - Reticular Chemistry Structure Resource (M O'Keeffe)

The Gavrog Project - Generation, Analysis and Visualization of Reticular Ornaments

Crystal Explorer - Hirshfeld surface