B4, wurtzite

Structural typeB4
Common namewurtzite
Definitiontetrahedrally coordinated lattice of two species (covalent bonding) or
hcp lattice of large ions with the smaller ions occupying ½ of tetrahedral voids (ionic)
Pearson symbolhP4
Space group186 P63mc C6v4
Chemical formulaAX
Bondingcovalent (donor-acceptor) or ionic
Atomic positions A (2b)  1/3  2/3   0    (marked by C)
 X (2b)  1/3  2/3  zeta  (marked by S)
CoordinationAX, XA – 4 (deformed 4t)
SublatticesA, X – hcp
PDB filesB4 (ideally coordinated)
Parametersc/a≈1.63, zeta≈3/8
Special valuesideal coordination for c/a=sqrt(8/3) and zeta=3/8
Related structuresB3 is locally equivalent
Substancessome semiconducting compounds IV+IV, III+V, II+VI (ZnS, ZnO, BeO)