DateClassAssignmentDue date, 6am
Mon 1.10 Foreword (Keith Stevenson)
Program orientation (AZ)
Course introduction and logistics (AZ)
Basics (Andriy Zhugayevych)
Team project 1
Homework 1
Tue 2.10 Atomistic structure (Artem Abakumov)
Atomistic structure (notes on symmetry)
Wed 3.10 Industry Day
Thu 4.10 Electronic structure (Andriy Zhugayevych)
Materials chemistry (postponed to Term 2)
Fri 5.10 Materials engineering (EduPack) (Olga Ushakova)
Presentation of team projects 1
Team project 2
Mon 8.10 Structural motifs (Andriy Zhugayevych)
Part II overview (AZ)
Structural materials (Olga Ushakova)
Homework 2 Team project 1
Tue 9.10 Semiconductors (Andriy Zhugayevych) Supeconductors Homework 1
Thu 11.10 Presentation of team projects 2
Fri 12.10 Organic materials (Pavel Troshin)
Perovskites for optoelectronics (Pavel Troshin)
Team project 3
Mon 15.10 Energy storage materials (Evgeny Antipov) Homework 3 Team project 2
Tue 16.10 MIT-Skoltech Conference (Open Innovations 2018) Homework 2
Thu 18.10 Catalysts (Keith Stevenson)
Fri 19.10 Carbon nanomaterials (Albert Nasibulin) Final project Proposal, 6pm
Mon 22.10 Presentation of team projects 3
Team project 3
Tue 23.10 Exam Homework 3
Thu 25.10 Presentation of final projects (12 min/student) Exam
Fri 26.10 Presentation of final projects (12 min/student)
Mon 29.10 No class (final project reports are due) Final project

Blocks: Part I (fundamentals), Part II (survey), Assessment period (exam and final project)

Color notations: gray - confirmed and fixed, green - confirmed and movable, red - not confirmed or TBA

Parallel course relevant to Materials Engineering: Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Lectures from previous years: