C1, fluorite

Structural typeC1
Common namefluorite, antifluorite
Definitionfcc lattice of cations with anions occupying tetrahedral voids
Prototype CaF2
Pearson symbolcF12
Space group225 Fm-3m Oh5
Chemical formulaAX2
Atomic positions A (4a)   0    0    0   (marked by C)
 X (8c)  1/4  1/4  1/4  (marked by S)
CoordinationAX – 8cb, XA – 4t
SublatticesA – fcc
PDB filesC1
Substancesfluorides and chlorides of II metals (CaF2,CdF2),
some dioxides (CO2, ZrO2), hemioxides of alkali metals (Li2O)